About Us

Our Vision and Mission

We believe that within the next 10 to 15 years blockchain based currencies such as Bitcoin will become the main payment medium. These currencies provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems such as financial privacy, protection, freedom and inclusiveness.

With Paymybill we are on a mission to bring blockchain based payments into everyday life and accelerate mass adoption of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and other digital currencies yet to come. We are here to do our part in building a financially inclusive, freer and fairer world, by focusing on the consumer side of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Our story

Paymybill was founded by Kumar Brothers in 2022 with the idea of putting their combined 5 years of experience in digital payments technologies to develop the largest consumer-centric crypto shopping platform.

We started our adventure by enabling users to top up their mobile credit using Bitcoin. We then added gift cards starting from games and apps and progressively expanded our catalog to include the world’s largest online and offline retail brands. In the meantime, we also started accepting new coins, added new features to our platform, launched our mobile native apps, and closed some great commercial and marketing partnerships such as with Binance and Avalanche.

We are also actively engaged in consumer research of crypto payments via our Global Bitcoin Tech Limited.



Our Company

Global Bitcoin Tech Limited today is the world’s leading crypto-commerce platform and brand, offering users worldwide to pay utility bill services the possibility to use their bitcoin and crypto to make everyday purchases. With C, users spend different cryptocurrencies to top up their phone pay their utility bills,